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Donachiaro Advantages for NPOs

donachiaro advantages for the NPOs

The non-profit organizations now have a highly innovative tool for fundraising that transfers a basic message to supporters: the message of transparency and security.

With Donachiaro is possible:

  • Clearly inform users about their activities and specific projects
  • Have a secure device of raising funds on the territory
  • Extend the range of methods of receiving donations
  • Ensure the user on the traceability of donations, issuing receipts
  • Improve management of offers with remote monitoring and control
  • Have the ability to collect donations on site
  • Raise funds in different locations, strategically placed
  • Provide services to donors and related products
  • Increase databases
  • Reduce the risk of fraud
  • Gain more trustworthiness and reliability from supporters and business partners
  • With Donachiaro is possible to enlighten all gray areas of fundraising