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Donachiaro The Added Value

If transparency, security and traceability are key words for Donachiaro, there are deeper aspects that constitute the real added value of the project.


Itineris is the first italian digital station designed to be integrated in projects of fundraising. Its features allow a qualitative growth of the relationship between institution and donor. The optimal management of the data flows and the data display in real time, is the added value for every fundraising project.


Itineris and able to illuminate the shadows that reside in the processes of collecting funds. Among the projects fundraising requesting support, who will make transparent their own paths to collection will be able to offer more guarantees and reason for loyalty to their own supporters.


Itineris is a platform with infinite possibilities of development. It promotes the interconnection between different subjects, it is able to dialogue with the traditional means of fundraising and reach those who have not yet been encountered.


Itineris is a means, but It needs a purpose. Those who choose this path must make it through his personality, putting in place all the resources of knowledge and skills to enhance their possibilities.

Donachiaro has a strong personality, yours.