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Donachiaro Advantages for who donates

How many of us stop before donating because you do not feel informed enough or have doubts about the track of the money? Thanks to Donachiaro, each donation path involves directly the supporters, they can:

  • receive information on individual projects
  • have a new channel for donation on own territory, simple and safe
  • know exactly who they are giving to, choosing a specific project
  • know that 100% of the donation goes to the beneficiary (only eventual bank transaction costs are deducted)
  • choose to donate with cash or electronic money
  • follow the progress of the project supported
  • rely on the safety and traceability of the donation
  • obtain a receipt, that in accordance with the regulations is tax deductible
  • DONACHIARO dissolves doubts. From now on to donate is safe, simple and transparent.