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The Donachiaro Project

DONACHIARO is an ITINERIS ITALIA project to meet the needs of transparent management for nonprofit fundraising, grants and donations, ensuring clear information, simplification of processes, traceability of flows and simplification of fiscal procedure

DONACHIARO is a territory "donation interactive digital station", for all those who wish to inquire about projects, donate safely knowing where the money goes and get a receipt for tax return.

DONACHIARO is a digital managing system of donations that allows the nonprofits to receive 100% of the amount in cash and 100% of donations with electronic money, deducting only the expenses of the bank transaction.

DONACHIARO is an "on the field" collection tool. Compared to traditional methods of fundraising it combines the security of the donation to the emotional aspects of face to face, key elements that drive donations.

DONACHIARO is a versatile and customizable tool associated to any donation path.

DONACHIARO is a virtuous path that connects with a two-way channel the donor and the organization/project benefited, helping the connection between who gives and who receives the donations.