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Itineris Italia

Itineris Italia is a start-up founded in 2013 from the intuition of three businessmen with broad experience in the financial and technology service sectors. Giacomo Tirillò, Giovanni Cavallo, Giuseppe Castana have put into the fundraising market their skills to respond to the specific needs of the sectors of fundraising, grants and donations relating to security and transparency in the management of financial movements. Itineris Italy was born with a precise objective: to create an innovative tool that would facilitate the get-together of those who wish to support a cause and all the beneficiaries of fundraisers. A new frontier of fundraising in which Itineris Italia continues to work every day, based upon requests and suggestions of its interlocutors .

The company's mission is research and development in technological innovation, for the achievement of projects and sustainable solutions in the business market, with particular attention to the new scenarios.