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Project Partners

BNL Positivity - BNP Paribas Group

BNL Positivity

BNL POSitivity is the partner of Itineris Italia Srl for the provision of the service Acquiring for acceptance of payment with cards through POS terminal.

BNL POSitivity: a joint venture between leaders

BNL POSitivity is the fruit of BNL’s long experience, one of the leading banks in the Italian market also representative in Italy for BNP Paribas Group and First Data, a leading multinational company in the global electronic commerce and payment services. BNL POSitivity researches, promotes and develops the most innovative features and services on the POS with the goal to be close to the needs of its customers.

BNL POSitivity: experience and innovation

Reling on prestigious partners and team of experts, specialists in the various fields of payment systems and characterized by a profound spirit of innovation, which is realized through the use of a flexible operating platform capable of responding dynamically to market needs. BNL POSitivity values are the spirit of innovation and expertise, contribute to the development of a more efficient payment system for quality and cost, offer customer-oriented products and quality services through a highly qualified staff.

The Acquiring service and Itineris Italia

The Acquiring service provided by BNL POSitivity allows the acceptance of card payments using Visa, Visa Electron, V PAY, MasterCard, Maestro, PagoBANCOMAT UPI circuits through POS machine supplied and installed by Itineris for their customers, and with specific agreements, including cards issued by American Express, Diners Club, JCB or other circuits that may become available.

Vita Makers

Vita Makers

VITA MAKERS is a strategic advisory firm of marketing and integrated communication, specialised in the fields of sustainability, philanthropy and fundraising. Was founded in 2013 by the merger of two business routes, Life Consulting and Sisyphus Italy, and is part of the Publishing Company LIFE that publishes the namesake magazine dedicated to the Third Sector.

VITA MAKERS tile Itineris in promotion of "Donachiaro", through the involvement of stakeholders. In particular, has organized moments of encounter and confrontation to submit the instrument and to detect its perceived. In addition, through its communication tools, provides support to the launch of the product.



OVER is a company operating since February 1998 that over the years gained increasing results. The Company, thanks to the expertise of its staff and the reliability of its products , has achieved a leading position in the Italian market. It has a direct and flexible technical structure and agreements with Hardware, Software and Services suppliers, that specialize in different areas.

Over operates in these market areas:

  • Multimedia stands and self-service solutions
  • Systems for "electronic money" payments
  • Secure keyboards and cryptographic modules
  • Connectivity Solutions