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Fundraising & Crowdfunding

Donachiaro, designed for collecting funds, contributions and donations can be a new channel and at the same time an ideal complement of a traditional structured fundraising campaign.

Donachiaro does not replace the interpersonal relationship, but encourages it, creating a fundamental complement for face-to-face and an element of diversification and qualification for all entities and campaign collections.

The operation of the station ensures an improvement and rationalization of all aspects related to the management of financial flows.

The possibility to monitor the activities of the station allows a real-time verification of its operations.

Donachiaro can be the ideal tool for a crowd fund campaign based on key aspects such as

  • Clearness and functionality of the collecting tool
  • strong communication and emotional impact
  • easy to use
  • transparency of the flow
  • potential for customer loyalty and exchange with the public
  • The Donachiaro station is a valuable tool for knowledge and exchange with its supporters