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Itineris Station Types

The Itineris station is available in two versions:


Last generation of self-Area, designed for collecting at the permanent locations of institutions, non-profit organizations, archaeological and cultural sites, public areas with surveillance. Easy to transport, connected to the network, requires only power supply. It has a multi-bank pin pad (POS), accepts coins and banknotes, has thermal printer for receipts and safe-deposit box. It comes in two versions, single screen (height m. 1,60) and dual screen (height m. 2,00). It’s totally customizable by the beneficiary and the sponsors.


It’s a compact box, transportable like a trolley, with the same features as the fixed type: interactive screen, pin pad, coin and banknote acceptor, thermal printer, safety box. It can be powered by electricity or battery (with integrated power generator). Can be customized with the beneficiary or sponsor graphics. This version is designed to help and make secure the fundraising for temporary locations or special events.

ITINERIS is versatile and customizable, in both versions and comes with:

  • Installation of videos of the organization and campaigns
  • Router and data transmission card active for 24 months
  • Customizable graphics
  • The station is managed by a single service contract including

  • Maintenance
  • Help Desk
  • Remote Management
  • Access to Customer Service with website www.itinerisitalia.com for all information
  • Thanks to its flexibility, the Itineris station can be integrated in any fundraising project